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New Life Worship Center was founded in January 2005 by our Presiding Bishop Rev. Dr. Earl & Susie Swinson! Bishop Dr. E. Swinson has been in the ministry and Pastoring different locations for over 46 years. Our main campus is located at 7022 Elliott Bridge Road Spring Lake, NC 28390.  We have many dynamic ministry departments for you to be apart of. Pray, hear from God, and be obedient. Bishop Dr. E. Swinson installed his successor, Pastor Austin Swinson as pastor of NLWC in April 2016. January of 2016 Pastor A. Swinson launched off with "Debt Freedom 2016" and in 3 days eradicated the debt of NLWC in its entirety. Today we still operate in debt freedom. We Believe in prayer, praise, worship, and the word of God. Come see for yourself why you and your family belong at NLWC!

Our Leadership

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Bishop Dr. Earl Swinson

Bishop Dr. Earl Larry Swinson is a native of Richlands, North Carolina where he was  reared on a farm. He was born on October 15, 1952 to Earl & Mellie Henderson  Swinson, and he is the second of four children. He loved the Lord and gave his

life to Christ at a young age.  Bishop Swinson is an anointed teacher and preacher. His Christian journey started  at Floyd Pond Free Will Holiness Church. In 1966, he began attending the Trent  River Free Will Holiness Youth Camp where he met the love of his life, Frankie  Bass Swinson, AKA "Susie". They were married on March 17, 1972. After serving for many years, God anointed him to preach the

gospel and he was ordained in 1970. In 1974, he was appointed as Pastor at  Atkinson FWH Church in Atkinson, NC and served from 1974-1976.  He Pastored Mt Olive FWH Church in Mt Olive, NC from 1980-1983.  He Pastored Hair's Chapel FWH Church in Linden, NC from 1991- 2004. After countless hours of prayer and being led by God, he founded and

established New Life Worship Center in January of 2005. He currently serves as  the Presiding Bishop, Founder and Visionary in partnership with his successor and grandson, Pastor Austin Swinson.

Bishop Swinson married the love of his life, First Lady Frankie Bass Swinson, on  March 17, 1972. They are the proud parents of three daughters, Melissa Mason

(The late James Curtis Mason), Traci Haire (Randy Haire) and Ashley Matthews  (Steven Matthews). They have eight beautiful grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

Mother susie swinson​

Mother Frankie Bass Swinson, AKA "Susie", is a native of Black Creek, North Carolina where she was raised on a farm. She was born on December 7, 1950 to John Henry and Leona Durham Bass. She is the youngest of 10 children. She loved the Lord and gave her life to Christ at a young age. Mother Swinson has devoted her life to serving God. Her Christian journey began at Saratoga Free Will Holiness Church. She began attending the Trent River Free Will Holiness Youth Camp in 1968 where she met the love of her life, Earl Larry Swinson. They were married on March 17, 1972. She has faithfully supported her husband in his 49 years of ministry. Mother Swinson and Bishop Swinson are the proud parents of three daughters; Melissa Mason (The late James Curtis Mason), Traci Haire (Randy Haire) and Ashley Matthews (Steven Matthews). They have 8 grandchildren; Pastor Austin Swinson (Lady Katelynn Swinson), Taylor Johnson (Nick Johnson), Tiffany Mason, Carrington Faith Mason, Kaylee Haire, Madison Matthews, Kenli Matthews and Daniel Haire. They have nine precious great grandchildren: Lillian Mason, Ahmir Gabriel, Leilani Mason, Braelynn Swinson, Jaxon Gabriel, Colton Sutphin, Benjamin Swinson, Baylee Swinson and Sophia Johnson.

Pastor Austin Swinson

Pastor Austin Blake Swinson was born on April 20, 1995, the son of Traci & Randy Haire. Pastor Swinson accepted the call of God on his life at a young age and preached his first sermon at the age of 12. Pastor Swinson serves faithfully under the leadership of Bishop Earl & Susie Swinson. He was installed as the Lead Pastor of New Life Worship Center of Spring Lake, NC on April 17, 2016 and is the Founder/CEO of New Life First Foundations Preschool. Pastor Swinson attends Anchor Bible College. It is his desire to become more studious in God’s word and to be a catalyst in 21st Century Leadership. Pastor Swinson is married to the beautiful, Lady Katelynn, and is the proud father of 3 beautiful children, Braelynn, Benjamin & Baylee. Pastor Swinson is known for his “crazy faith.” He led the church in a Debt Freedom Campaign and through his faith and obedience, the mortgage was eradicated in 3 days. Once realizing the power of a seed in the ground and taking care of God’s house, in return, he was also able to eradicate his mortgage as well. He preaches sound doctrine and believes in the power of prayer. He believes in sowing into the Kingdom of God and reaping the harvest. He has a heart for worship and walks in the anointing that God has placed on his life.

lady katelynn 

Katelynn Irene Swinson was born on March 11, 1992 at Rex Hospital. She is the daughter of Irene Johnson and Chad Lucas. Lady Katelynn grew up on a farm in Harnett County and started riding horses and working with animals at a very young age, at which time she became a strong lover of animals. Lady Katelynn became a big sister at the age of 7 (1999) when her brother, River, was born. She also became the proud step daughter of Johnny Johnson in 2011 when he and her mother married. Lady Katelynn graduated from Triton High School of Erwin, NC in 2010 and was accepted into the Vet Tech program at Central Carolina Community College. She was always very focused and driven while in school to attain high academic achievement. She held a job while attending school from the time she was 15. At the age of 16, she assumed a tougher big sister roll when her parents separated. Those were some difficult times for her, but she pushed thru and continued to persevere at school and work. With a lot of dedication, hard work, and no summer breaks, she graduated from Central Carolina Community College in 2012. After graduation, she was employed as a Registered Vet Tech and enjoyed that career for many years. Today, Lady Katelynn is the Office Manager of Ivey Mechanical in Fayetteville, NC. Lady Katelynn started attending New Life Worship Center with her mother and stepfather, where she eventually became close friends with her husband, Pastor Austin Swinson. She would travel with him to different services and revivals to support his ministry. They found themselves spending more and more time together and enjoying one another’s company. As they continued to pray and trust God, they ultimately fell in love with each other. She and Pastor Austin were Married on October 8, 2016 at Anderson Creek Christian Center during Hurricane Matthew. Lady Katelynn is the proud mother of Braelynn Irene Swinson, and mother-to-be of twins, Baylee Dawn Swinson and Benjamin Blake Swinson. She is a honorable role model to wives and mothers and sets the example of a Godly Woman.

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The First Family

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booking pastor austin:

We believe:

1. Prayer:

NLWC believes in prayer and intercession and should be an importance in the life of a believer. We “seek first His kingdom and his righteousness” by being a praying church: teaching about prayer, opening our doors for prayer and individually seeking our Lord in prayer daily. 

(2 Chronicles 7:14)


2. Bible Based:

NLWC believes the Bible is the inspired Word of God and seeks direction through the Word. We value the Bible as the instruction manual for all ministry, decisions, and teaching. We seek to operate according to sound Biblical principles – raising up what is pleasing to God and pulling down strongholds according to Biblical truth. The Bible is a “lamp unto our feet”

 (Psalm 119:105).


3. Spirit Led:

NLWC seeks to be responsive to the direction of the Holy Spirit, by yielding ourselves to His leading to an ever-increasing degree. We seek to submit ourselves to the Holy Spirit in order that both the fruit and the gifts promised in the Word will become evident in us. 

(Romans 8:14)


4. Integrity:

NLWC expects a standard of behavior whereby each covenant member will love and respect others according to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ. We expect righteous conduct in both our word and deed in every aspect of our lives.

 (Proverbs 11:3)


5. Covenant Community:

NLWC values the prayer of Jesus for unity in (John 17:20-22). In response, we are committed to be a community of believers in covenant with God and with one another, owing each other appropriate compassion, love and loyalty. We seek the best for our brothers and sisters even to the denial of our personal gain, thereby creating unity in fulfillment of the mission.


6. Servanthood:

NLWC recognizes that becoming effective in the Kingdom of God is proportionately related to the degree of servanthood that we are willing to assume. Therefore, we will serve the Lord by serving others. 

(John 13:14-17)

we believe:

7. Stewardship:

NLWC expects every believer to be a faithful steward through giving their time, talent, and tithe to the service of the Lord. 

(1 Corinthians 4:2)


8. Freedom:

NLWC values the freedom expressed by Paul in (Galatians 5:1), whereby we need not be dominated by any manipulative force. We recognize that legalism at times brought believers into bondage and has made the Word of God less effective. Kingdom Life Ministries strongly chooses the freedom of God’s Word and opposes the dictates of our culture.


9. Prophetic:

NLWC believes that God is speaking in these latter times. This ministry will be a relevant spiritual voice that will speak truth, revelation, wisdom, warning, and direction as the Spirit directs.

 (Act 2:17-18)


10. Kingdom Oriented:

NLWC is dedicated to building the Kingdom of God beyond our own community of believers. Our focus is not exclusively to add members to our church, but to add souls to God’s Kingdom. We are submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and as such are not locked into traditional patterns to achieve these goals, but are open to new and innovative methods of ministry. 

(Acts 28:31)


11. Christian Growth:

NLWC is committed to help every covenant member mature in his or her faith walk. We are committed to discipling believers in the teachings of Jesus Christ, as well as identifying and developing the spiritual ministry gifts the Lord has given every individual for the work of the ministry. 

(Matthew 28:19-20)


12. Excellence:

NLWC is committed in excellence in all areas of ministry. Whether in our attitudes, our administration, or our ministry we will strive to endeavor to go beyond mediocrity and produce excellence in all we do. 

(Daniel 5:14; 6:3)

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